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I set up Bright Green Brands to give well-meaning organisations the chance to shine - to increase awareness and success through credible and crafted brand design.

With a clear focus on Values and Ethics, I work with Health Food Brands, Fine Food & Drink Brands, Campaign Groups, Charities, Green Organisations and more.

I can help clearly communicate your unique personality, connecting you with like-minded customers who'll want to engage with your product or cause.  


Bright Green Brands provide everything you need under one very green affordable roof, including:

Brand Personality

Name Generation

Branding & Pack Design


Food & Product Photography

Web & Promotion

You'll work directly with me, Barney Bryant (founder & owner) from brief to production, so I can translate your brand through concept to creation with values and ethics at the heart.

Please take a look at the bespoke design and photography services I provide, and do get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Barney Bryant

Owner & Founder of Bright Green Brands

I spent the first half of my career working my way up in the brand design industry, at many of London's leading design agencies. However, I soon realised that the job I'd worked so hard to attain was helping large dominating worldwide corporations become EVEN MORE successful, which I realised did not fit with my values and ethics!

After seeing the benefit that (not so ethical) companies like Unilever, Nestle and Tesco gained from strategic design, I felt I had to do something to offer that level of service to organisations that had a little more care and consideration for the environment.

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