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Palm Oil Free Logos

As a way to raise awareness of the problems caused by Palm Oil production, I had the idea to create a set of free logos. Brands who DON'T use palm oil in their products can display a logo so that shoppers will begin to question WHY not containing it is a good thing.

Please click on a logo then drag the PNG file to your desktop, if necessary ask your designer or printer to convert for print or web. Alternatively, email us and we shall send you a suitable version (eps or Illustrator vector for print).

Please also feel free to use on packaging or your website. Alternative colour or text options on request.

Bright Green Brands give full permission for this to be reproduced for the promotion of non palm oil containing products. Please check local labelling guidelines for usage. In the UK this is used as a 'marketing message' rather than a nutritional / allergy claim.

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