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 Brand identity redesign / Multi range branding / Pack design


What Was Needed...

The client came to me with a new range of AMAZINGLY tasty Organic Superfood 'Mocktail teas’ - not only containing the next up and coming superfood, Moringa, but ALSO, unlike most herbal teas, provide some unbelievably full-on fruity flavours.
He wanted to create a vibrant and exciting personality - a nutritionally packed superfood tea that also tastes amazing.

What Was Done...

The branding is pretty self-explanatory - a big 'super’hero type heart and a big hit of colour, the lines radiating life, health and flavour while the colour graduation communicates the infusion of cocktail style ingredients.

I wanted the brand to be boldly disruptive in the often nature-led or subtle and calming tea category.

Eco / Ethical?...

Teabags made of biodegradable corn fibre.

• Recyclable cardboard tubes

• Ingredients ethically sourced.

How it Helped...

When I presented the work - in a very small quiet vegan cafe - the client spontaniously applauded upon showing him each concept! Certainly a first for me, but amazing to get such an honest reaction - a world away from the guarded noncommittal nodding of corporate boardrooms of the distant past!


The response from everyone so far has been hugely positive, with many potential retailers amazed that the brand is less than a year old!


Corn fibre teabag

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