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 Brand identity redesign / Multi range branding / Pack design


What Was Needed...

Duke of Delhi came to me with a range of Indian inspired biscuits. His goal was to be stocked in high-end London retailers but knew the branding was equally as important as the quality of the product, and that the existing design did not feel premium or professional enough.

What Was Done...

Already loving the brand name, I was pondering whether this fictitious 'Duke' was an Englishman in India or Indian living in England, and how he might travel. I decided that either a horse-drawn royal carriage if in Britain or a royal elephant in India, my next thought was to put the two together, mixing the eccentricities of both cultures in one simple logo.

On the tins the addition of an ‘Indian traffic jam’ gave a knowing smile to anyone who’s travelled in India.

Eco / Ethical?...

• Biscuits packed in biodegradable cellophane (wood based).

• Bombay Mix packed in recyclable / reusable tins.

• Chocolate bars packed in FSC cert. paper.

• Percentage of sales donated to charity Elephant Family.

How it Helped...


“I can honestly say the success I have had so far, has in a large part been to the design of the logo and branding on the tins… without which I don't think I would have been placed in a prestigious shop such as Fortnum and Mason or had the press coverage I have had. 

The first thing that customers and food buyers say is 'I love the name' followed by 'I love the branding'. Barney made a unique and expertly created brand that has been the corner stone of the success so far. Of course your product has to be great but the branding helps immensely” 


Asif Wali, Founder, Duke of Delhi.

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