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 Brand identity redesign / Website design / Stationery / Newsletter


Identity redesign for The Burma Campaign UK, a campaign group helping a country where the people are imprisoned, tortured, murdered & oppressed by the ruling military dictatorship.

What Was Needed...

The peacock, whilst having long historical meaning inside Burma, had little or no significance to people in other countries - ie the target audience that the Burma Campaign UK wanted to appeal to for help & support. Also the logo had become dated and lacked visual impact in todays fast-paced, brand-saturated world.

What Was Done...

A simple, bold identity was developed, symbolising the oppression and imprisonment of the Burmese people. A more modern logotype was created, with the hand-drawn lines also giving a sense of immediacy & urgency.

How it Helped...

The new identity gave a far more confident, modern and relevant voice to help campaign for urgent action on Burma.


“I feel the Burma Campaign UK now has a more professional and up to date feel. We have received very positive feedback from the website - it has a clearer layout and is easier to navigate.”

Anna Roberts,  Executive Director, Burma Campaign UK

Web bcuk1b.jpg

Previous Design

Web bcuk1.jpg

An initial range of concepts were presented exploring different aspects of The Burma Campaign UKs work.

BCUK case study_Page_3.jpg

The chosen concept communicated the contrast of oppression versus freedom inside & outside of Burma - that while Burma is contained and closed off to the outside world, we in the UK perhaps take our freedom for granted.

BCUK case study_Page_4.jpg

...However, the client insisted they wanted the 'UK' inside the contained box. So while losing a key part of the message, the oppression and confinement of the concept was retained.

Web bcuk3.jpg
Web bcuk4.jpg
Web bcuk1.jpg
Web bcuk2.jpg
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