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BAE Vantare

 Brand identity design


Branding for an Upcycled Supercar!

This branding project was quite unique - the client - BAE (a handful of people including actor/presenter Bradley Walsh), was in the process of sourcing 10 ageing Aston Martins and 'restyling' and upgrading them for a new automotive era.

The new bodywork is inspired by the classic DB5 of James Bond fame ...but brought WAY more up to date - a sleek modern powerhouse of a supercar, nodding reshpectfully to the Shean Connery pasht ,while emerging full throttle into the Daniel Craig future, pumped up and in rather tight Speedos.

The client wanted to evoke a time when 'touring' was the way to holiday - a civilised time before cheap airlines - packing the car with it's perfectly space-saving matching branded luggage and heading for the channel.
...So the idea for the branding came from the feeling of speeding Southwards over the continent toward the sun, which thankfully fitted naturally with the dynamic shape of the V.
The 'VANTARE' font was redrawn to express simplicity and stylishness. 

Eco / Ethical?...

• Repurposing older vehicles rather than completely manufacturing from new.

The Vantare was showcased on ITVs This Morning...

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